Using social media I went from school dropout working on building sites to best-selling author and writer, speaker, online course creator, business owner and part-time university lecturer studying for a PhD in business and marketing.

Hi, I'm Matt,

More importantly than that I have consistently created multiple viral videos across platforms, built large online communities of my own, and now do the same for my clients.
Social selling, brand building, and creating communities on social media through short form video has become something I am not just good at, but enjoy. I now teach what I know to my clients, and part-time to business MBA students.

When I first started I found it very hard to source marketers and trainers who specifically knew about TikTok and short-form video.
I soon learned it has its own way of doing things and often the 'traditional' way didn't fit this new medium.

That acknowledgement that specialist knowledge was needed for businesses like mine to gain the most benefit from short form content and this new way of communicating led me to set up Different Think Ltd.

As a teacher and trainer for many years I quickly saw that the knowledge I had gained building large followings and creating many pieces of viral content with zero ad spend across multiple platforms for my clients and myself could be formatted to create the Success Wheel Formula.This is our unique eight-point framework specifically designed for building successful profiles across social media using short-form video, and the basis of what I teach to my clients.

Aside from social media I have written four books, three e-Books, and numerous articles for industry publications, spoken on over 250 podcasts and business summits, enjoy martial arts, and share my home with a very large overly enthusiastic dog.

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