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TikTok for business


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Don't know where to start? Overwhelmed? Feel like it's just for kids? Have an account thats underperforming?

You are not alone. I want to share with you the knowledge to build your community, create content that speaks to your audience, and establish sustainable pipelines.

Every day for 30-days there will be a new video showing exactly how to build a successful community on TikTok with daily, actionable information than can be implemented straight away to start to grow your audience. 

Why work with me?

Hi my name is Matt Stait, and after experiencing the power of TikTok in the modern social media landscape for my business I decided to help others learn how to best use the platform.

I am not just another "social media guru"

Using social media I went from school drop-out working on building sites to best-selling author, speaker, martial arts champion, online course creator, and multiple business owner.

I also hold an MSc in Marketing and hope to return for PHD level study.

Social selling, brand awareness, and community building became something I am not just good at but enjoy, building my own following of over 300,000 on the platform with several videos in the  multiple million+ views, while often seeing weekly views of over 2 million. I am also part of the UK seller, marketplace and creator fund programmes.

In the past few years I have worked with and helped thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs to grow a community and presence on TikTok.

My aim for 2022 is to help thousands more. 


Thankyou Matt, I'll be at 10,000 followers in the next day or so, and typically have 500,000 views a month, having only done TikTok for about 2 months. Get in touch with Matt if you want guidance for yourself.


“9 weeks in. 10,000+ followers 80,200 likes 1.1 million video views 250+ on my live streams Instagram followers up 15% Business app subscribers up 40% Is TikTok worth it? I'll let you decide. Thank you Matt Stait-this is all thanks to your help and advice.”


“Over 1k people on my TikTok live stream this morning. 500k views in ONE DAY! If you are not using TikTok to promote yourself and your business, why not? Matt Stait is the man you need to speak to.”

What you will learn.


Understanding the platform

The tools of TikTok

SEO optimization

Bio build

Visuals and branding

Community/client avatar

Find your authentic voice

Content creation

Strategy planning

Analytic scoring

Multiple content use

Hashtags Trends/viral videos

Community growth

Cross platform traffic

Monetization strategies

Ready to get started?

Today is the day to begin to grow your community on the fastest growing and most exciting platform. Let's do this!


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