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Short form video is the fasting growing communication style. This presents fantastic opportunities for your brand and business. Now is the best time to take advantage of the most popular form of communication across social media to market and monetise your expertise or product. 


Learn how to leverage platforms like TikTok, Facebook and YouTube to amplify your message, grow communities, and build an evergreen library of content that will continue to promote you and your brand.


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TikTok. The 30-day community build.

 Welcome to the 30 day challenge. Use TikTok to build your community and create a multi profile approach. Everyday for 30 days receive a new actionable step to build a profile that attracts and create content that connects. Just 5 minutes a day to build a social media presence that can reach across the world. 


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Work directly with us with weekly calls including online lessons and workbooks to build a short form social strategy from the ground up or revitalise your existing socials to create digital assets that represent your business online. The  build includes profile set-up, content strategy, timetabling and everything needed to set-up, market, and grow your communities. 


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Welcome to Short Form Social

What we do here at Different Think.

With the emergence of TikTok and the roll out of Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, and now Facebook reels short-form video is now one of the best ways to showcase who you are and speak directly to your target audience. Marketing and branding your expertise has never been easier, however this low barrier to entry means you need to be heard above the noise.

This is where my expertise in creating content and profile building across TikTok, shorts , and reels can make a real difference in how your brand is perceived and how you build credibility for your expertise. The opportunity for organic reach and virality is what short form video is known for but creating profiles that are consistently engaging that develop communities to build evergreen pipelines can be hard to do without understanding how and why this mode of communication is very different from other more traditional ways of reaching your audience.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is the fastest growing platform of the decade. With over 2 billion downloads and in-app spending rising this exciting short-form video app is the place to be seen. Based on user content videos of either 15 or 30 seconds where videos are pushed through the “for you” page TikTok is a fast paced, dynamic, fun, place that is no longer just for kids.
One of the platforms greatest appeals is the chance of going viral. Content can and does take off overnight and can soar into views in the millions creating exposure and opportunity that would cost significant amounts on the more pay to play platforms. Take a look at Ocean Sprays recent success with the platform to see what a viral video can do for sales.

Why is TikTok so important to the other platforms?

In recent times the growth of TikTok has been so phenomenal that it's popularity could no longer be ignored. As such we have seen Instagram introduce Reels, YouTube roll out Shorts and more recently Facebook is heavily promoting its version of short form video within its feeds. This has led to a 'perfect storm' for creators to take advantage of as all of the platforms are vying for your viewing minutes, thereby pushing this form of content organically to their users. 

Should my business be on TikTok?

As the fastest growing platform of the decade TikTok allows us a platform to stay ahead with a pro-active approach to marketing. As it is growing so rapidly it is a great place to grow and scale unlike some of the other more established platforms which are now saturated with content.

 The platform allows us to directly talk with our audience and build relationships based on accessible creative content that builds loyalty.

To be successful, you need to be seen, and TikTok is very good at understanding your content and sharing it to the right people. Content really is king here and creating an authentic voice that clearly shows your companies values, identity and culture will attract a community that will help to create sustainable pipelines and build authority in your niche.

Is short form video good for marketing my business?

The short answer is almost certainly. With over half the world's population now online and the biggest platforms promoting this style of communication the ability to create authentic, original short form video is fast becoming a skillset businesses will need to not just connect with their audiences, but to create communities on a Global stage.

 Watch our FREE webinar here. 10 tips to master short form video for TikTok, Reels, and Shorts.

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Hi, I'm Matt.


I am the founder and CEO of Different Think Ltd. I started the company as I have a passion for good marketing and am testament to its power.
Using social media I went from school drop-out working on building sites to best-selling author, speaker, online course creator and business owner with an MSc in Marketing who has helped hundreds of people learn to leverage short form content.
Social selling, brand awareness, and community building became something I am not just good at but enjoy.

Over the past few years I have appeared on over 200 podcasts as a guest expert, spoken at numerous business summits and regularly write for industry magazines. I am also in the final stages of writing my next book How to grow on TikTok: The unofficial guide for business.

In fact I have been coaching people on how to successfully use TikTok for so long that some former students who came to my original courses are now offering that training themselves. 

I use short form video content in my business everyday and being part of TikTok's UK sellers, creator fund, and marketplace means that I am able to work real-time to establish best practise on the platform.

This working knowledge and understanding of how to use TikTok from the ground up is what makes me one of the foremost coaches on community building through short form video on these platforms in the UK.

More About Me

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Coming soon! The definitive book on how to grow on TikTok. Over two years in the making this will become the must have for anybody looking to build a community on the world's fastest growing app. 

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What can you expect working with us?

We don't offer generic all purpose information. We focus on what's important to us and our clients, and we do it well. No matter which route to collaboration you take, you can count on three things:

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Our courses and communities can be accessed anywhere anytime as long as you have a suitable device and there is internet access.

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It is important that we offer the most relevant and task specific information we can.


Every client receives a personalised service to fit  individual needs and goals. 


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"You have helped me on a journey. I could never thank you enough."


"Matt is passionate and knowledgeable and provided a great insight into TikTok and it's possibilities.Anybody wishing to learn about the platform should speak to him."


Having attended one of Matt's courses I learned a wealth of information on TikTok and how and when to use it. had great expectations that were thoroughly exceeded."


"Matt is highly motivated about the work he does as well as having a wealth of knowledge and experience about his subject which makes it relevent and fun to learn."

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