Hi, my name is  Matt Stait


I am the founder and CEO of Different Think Ltd. I started the company as I have a passion for good marketing and am testament to its power.
Using social media I went from school drop-out working on building sites to best-selling author, speaker, online course creator and business owner with an MSc in Marketing.
Social selling, brand awareness, and community building became something I am not just good at but enjoy.

Over the past few years I have appeared on over 200 podcasts as a guest expert, spoken at numerous business summits and regularly write for industry magazines. I am also in the final stages of writing my next book How to grow on TikTok: The unofficial guide for business.

In fact I have been coaching people on how to successfully use TikTok for so long that some former students who came to my original courses are now offering TikTok training themselves. 

I use TikTok in my business everyday and being part of the UK sellers, creator fund, and marketplace means that I am able to work real-time to establish best practise on the platform.

This working knowledge and understanding of how to use TikTok from the ground up is what makes me one of the foremost coaches on community building on the platform in the UK.

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